Windows Media Compatible companys list


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NET Video Spy
Open your PC camera by Windows Media Player, by your mobile device as Pocket PC at any time and anywhere!


VIDOEREG Video Registrar
Record all motion frame from your camera and fast find the necessary snapshots.
CSSS Video
Be sure! CSSS Video will inform you about any guests. After motion detection program can dial up to 5 numbers by modem/cell phone or skype, record video and send email.
USB Device Manager
This program allows you to completely reset the USB chip (host controller), as if the device has been disconnected and connected again physically and work as "watchdog timer"


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This product allows saving images from webcam or other video capture device, starting on motion detection or constantly with give time interval.

Possible to save the defined amount of shots after motion has been detected. The built-in viewer allows viewing cam shots in manual mode and conduct searching mode with given speed.


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Video-surveillance system that allows you to monitor remote locations using local network or Internet.


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Computer Software Security System. After motion detection, program do many operation (play sound file (siren), record sound, video or camshot, call by telephone, by Skype, send emails).