Software that does not exist. Development, implementation, support, recovery and services.

40 hours of works 8 hours/day  Mon-FriDevelopment, implementation, support, data recovery, web ..


VIDEOREG - PC Video Recorder by motion detection

This product allows saving images from webcam or other video capture ..


Biometric Access Control System BIOSKD-А1 2х100

BIO SKD 2 fingerprint devices & 100 usersWhat is "BIO SKD" Computerized system of managing ..


Biometric access control system BIOSKD-А2+ 2х200

BIO SKD 2 fingerprint device & 200 usersWhat is "BIO SKD" Computerized system of managing a..


Biometric time and attendance system BIOREG 100 with 1 biometric scanner for 100 persons

BIO REGISTRAR is a system for monitoring and recording working time, which allows you to automate an..


KeyBoard Booster (KeyBooster)

This software utility allows you to save time and boost everyday keyboard typing.The main boost opti..


Migration of Content, Customers, Orders, and Products from the Old Website to the New One.

Planning to upgrade your website but worried about losing valuable data? Look no further! We offer p..


NET Video Spy a video-surveillance system (not spy software)

NET Video Spy - is a video-surveillance system (not spy software) that allows you to monitor remote ..


Solving "Disapproved Google Ads: Malicious Software" problem.

Has your advertising campaign been halted due to the "Disapproved Google Ads: Malicious Software" wa..


Updating a working website on an old version of OpenCart with a large amount of modified code

Upgrade old OpenCart with Minimal Risks and Full Functionality PreservationIs your OpenCart store ou..


USB Device Manager

Software for reset USB controller and all devices..


VIDEOREG S2 to determine (calculate) the area of ​​objects using a camera

To calculate the area using a camera, you need to fix the camera and calibrate it using the program...


Web hosting for BIO REG & BIO SKD reports



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